Kaffir Lime and Leaves

Kaffir Lime and Leaves

With its strong fragrance and flavour, kaffir lime helps cleanse the blood; It also maintains healthy teeth and gums when rubbed on.

Must buy : Shampoo made with kaffir lime; it helps maintain healthy hair and scalp, and it is believed to help prevent hair loss.

1. Relieve stress

Bergamot has a pleasant aroma that will help create a good relaxation. especially bergamot essential oil But should choose a concentration of not more than 1% because that can cause irritation. Or you can inhale from the kaffir lime skin at all as well. 

For those who tend to have things to worry or stress often. Try sniffing the aroma of bergamot and see that it really helps.

2. Mosquito repellent, insect repellent

smell of bergamot It is a smell that most mosquitoes and insects do not like. Therefore, it can be used to repel mosquitoes and insects. Research has shown that essential oils from leaves There are 3 types of protection against mosquitoes, namely Aedes, Anopheles and nuisance mosquitoes, which have protection against mosquito bites for 3 hours, with examples of their use as follows:

  • To repel mosquitoes, bring the kaffir lime peel to dry. then put on fire The smell of kaffir lime will make mosquitoes flee and can get rid of larvae well.
  • Repels moths and ants in rice Cut the fresh kaffir lime leaves into 2-3 parts to get the smell out. Then put them in a bucket of rice.
  • When the leech bites, rub the kaffir lime around the area. where the leech resides The smell of bergamot will eventually cause the leeches to come off.

3. Relieve bruising in

Not only Centella Asiatica can cure bruises. Bergamot can heal bruises and restore health to be stronger as well. especially those who have vomiting blood Bergamot can relieve symptoms for a short time.

4. Eliminate foot odor

When working with sneakers or leather shoes that are stuffy all day. Often makes the feet smell bad until a headache. But this problem is not difficult to solve. 

Just bring the kaffir lime to cut into half. Then scrub all over the feet and crevices of the feet. Focus on areas with very strong smells. notice that the stench will gradually faded and eventually disappeared. It also makes the feet more white and clean.

5. Nourish hair

Bergamot can be used to nourish the hair to make it softer and more shiny. including solving various hair problems very well The use of kaffir lime to nourish the hair, there are many recipes together. 

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